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The Speed RX Padel Balls by Adidas are not only fast as the name suggests but high performance in every sense of the word. Made with a natural rubber and 50% wool based flexible felt, this ball provides an exceptional rebound feel off the face of your Adidas Padel Racket allowing you more control and comfort in your game.

As mentioned the core is made of a highly responsive natural rubber giving it a smooth feeling touch off the face. The outer layer is covered in a highly flexible, 50% wool content, felt which gives the perfect response to any of your shots around the court. This combination means added durability and consistency in each and every sleeve.

So if you are a demanding player that need a ball that can keep up with the constant demands of competitive Padel play or you are a casual player that wants to have some fun with their friends and not have to worry about your ball letting you down and ruining the fun the Adidas Speed RX Padel Balls are the missing piece you have been looking for.

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