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Agility Ladder

Agility Ladder

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Agility Speed Ladders are one of the most simple and effective training tools that you can have.

Our 4M and 8M Agility Speed Training Ladder comes with top quality plastic rungs and strong webbed side rails. The adjustable rungs allow you to control the spacing that you want to use for your workouts.

These ladders can be used indoors or outside on all surfaces and are an excellent training tool for both individuals and sports teams alike. They are suitable for speed, agility & coordination training and are a highly beneficial tool in rehabilitation programs.

The flat rung design keeps the ladder perfectly in place during use and eliminates the risk of tripping, so injuries can be avoided. The portability and easy quick setup/dismantling of these ladders make them ideal to have on hand which allows flexibility of training areas/venue

Multiple ladders can be connected together with high quality buckles to intensify training sessions. Each ladder comes with a nylon drawstring carry bag to keep it organized! Available with black side rails. Suitable for all ages.

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